Singer, Songwriter, Mandolinist, Guitarist, Fiddler

Zac has been playing and performing music all his life, thanks to his parents who acquiesced to their four-year-old’s adamant requests for violin lessons. Violin led to choir, to high-school musicals, and finally to acoustic guitar strumming in the college dorms, where Zac fell in love with song writing. In 1993, while studying multimedia production at the University of California in San Diego, Zac co-founded the improvisatory electric rock-band, Oversoul, and began performing his songs in dingy, smoke-filled bars.

He discovered the mandolin in 1994 when to his dismay he couldn’t fit a guitar in his Sierra backpack; convenience quickly turned to passion. Extended journeys through the Sierra Nevada Mountains with musical co-horts inspired Zac’s unique songwriting and lyrics, and lead to the founding of Hot Buttered Rum in the summer of 1999. For nearly a decade Zac traveled the country in a vegetable oil powered bus, performing concerts and leading the sustainable fuel education and outreach efforts of Hot Buttered Rum.

Zac recently moved on from life on the road with HBR to more actively pursue environmental advocacy work and multimedia development. He continues to perform as a singer-songwriter and to collaborate with many talented Bay Area musicians.